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Family Forestry is a reliable and capable forestry and forest operations company. We are dedicated to serving landowners in Central Maine with a wide range of issues related to woodlot information, education, and management. Timber inventory, tree growth plans, and careful timber harvesting are our specialty. Call us for honest service from experienced professionals!

Ken Lamond

A 1982 graduate of the University of Maine with a BS in Forest Engineering, Ken has spent his whole career working in the woods. In 1982 — following his graduation from the University of Maine — Ken traveled to Garpenberg, Sweden to spend a year working for the Swedish Forest Service. He worked most of the year with a local logging crew, thinning stands of timber in various stages of development. First thinnings in sapling and pole stands, then thinnings in pole and small log stands, followed by thinnings in log stands. Finally, harvest cuts in mature stands were completed in preparation for pre-commercial thinning of advanced regeneration and/or planting of a new crop.

Returning to Maine in 1983, Ken has worked in the woods in all aspects of forest operations. He is experienced with timber inventory, market analysis, forest management and harvest plans, road layout and construction, bridge design and construction, timber harvest planning, layout and administration, environmental permits, and more. Ken is a Licensed Maine Forester and is the contact person for Family Forestry.

Bob Mayhew

An owner and critical member of the Family Forestry team, Bob has worked in the woods in some form since graduating from high school. He is a gifted equipment operator and is qualified in all aspects of forest operations. Bob has experience with harvest plans, photo maps, and working with landowners to satisfy their harvest objectives. His work and personality make him a natural with our customers. He is a true professional.

Bob began his logging career in business with his father. They worked together for many years running cable skidders, log loaders and slashers, and log trucks. He can run any equipment related to forest operations. Starting with a chainsaw, Bob has operated skidders, forwarder, buncher/processors, delimbers, loader/slashers, log trucks, bulldozers, excavators, and anything else that starts with a key!

Bob is an excellent problem solver/mechanic/"MacGyver," and can keep any equipment running and productive until it can be fixed.

Mike Young

Mike Young has been an equipment operator for many years and has run our forwarder since joining Family Forestry. Given some time to work with it, Mike can run any piece of equipment you could throw at him. He is always early to work, ready to forward forest products and load trucks. He is a good mechanic and is willing to do whatever we need to get the job done. We are very lucky to have him on our team.

Justin Young

Our youngest team member, Justin is Mike's son and is a welcome addition to our team. He is a good mechanic and welder. Like his father, Justin is willing to do whatever we need to get the job done. He is an important part of our team, and we are fortunate to have him with us at Family Forestry.